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  • Undercover Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Telephone Information
  • Background check
  • Financial Information and tracing hidden assets
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Cheating infidelity
  • Debugging sweeps
  • Polygraph
  • Tracing Services
  • Cameras (CCTV)
  • Service designed for parents to track or monitor their underage children


Background checks enables one to find out more about an individual or a business by way of gathering background information with regards to their past behaviour and activities, their financial state of affairs as well as any criminal matters they may have been involved with. Should you require a fully comprehensive background report on potential employees or other individuals do not hesitate to contact us at J and C Absolute in order to assist you. We however believe that a person or company should know and have all the details on hand with regards to a single individual. We will gather all the necessary information regarding the individual so that you as a client or person can feel at ease, and we at J and C Absolute pty Ltd believe that making a person or individual feel at ease is our aim. The following services are on offer and many more:


We use professionalism and discretion by using our private investigation services to determine if you are on the right path with your intuition about your partner being involved in a affair. The evidence we get will give you a peace of mind as the truth will be out due to our observation and catching them being either affectionate or just a friendship thing. Either way you will know the truth and put a rest on the word "Maybe", as you usually say maybe he/she is cheating, maybe not. Remember any place can be a target for infidility whether its a hotel, own house, apartment ,a vehicle, or even be a quick stop at a fuel garage. We use our services each for a specific task to make you sleep better.
Our private investigators usually work on a affordable budget so you can get the service you need and not be poor afterwards. You will be able to catch a cheating person on a discreet but also professional way to get the evidence to either save your marrige/relationship or to put a end to a liar. The services we offer can be photographic proof on what you can see who your spouse is having an affair with, you will hace the time frame of how long it has been going on for. The proof you get through photos will give you the proof you need to use in court when you decide to divorce him and will be usefull when there is child custody demands or personal demands. Remember you can help yourself stay on the victim line as a cheater always tries to turn the wrong doing to you. This will show that you cant trust him and he is not innocent.


With modern technology and state of the art equipment; keeping surveillance on a person or persons have become more sufficient and accurate. Not only are all our members highly trained in keeping surveillance and blending in with their surroundings; we use electronic devices such as mobile trackers, hidden electronic camera and microphone equipment. Our services only do Infidelity more so if you suspect you company vehicle is being miss used by a staff member for his or her private gain.
Along with all surveillance training comes the counter surveillance training. If you suspect that someone is keeping tabs on you, the chances are good that someone truly is. Back in the day, only a physical searches were conducted leaving place for error. Today, not only do we do a physical search, we also use electronic devices to search for tracking, listening and visual devices.

Cell Track & Trace

J & C Absolute has the ability to track the location of a cell phone number using our cell track service. For more info click here


J & C Absolute specialises in Infidelity investigations.

Software & Phones

Cellular Interceptions, Incoming and Outgoing Call Recording, Incoming and Outgoing Whatsapp Audio & Video Call Recording, Whatsapp Chats (both ways), SMS, etc....


Our Investigators are registered legally through PSIRA. We use a legal registered Investigator that is Registered at Psira ( Reg nr. 2724037) We also use other contracted investigators for other types of investigations. Our main thing is to specialize in infidelity investigations but do other investigations from time to time. We also help our clients by selling gadgets for the type of investigation they need. Gadgets we offer: Cctv camera ,Cellular interception by number . Then we work with monitoring of children and employees through phones. The only main thing about Android phones to use software is that you need legal access to the persons phone and great thing is that its a hidden app so no need to panic that your kids can just remove it as they please. Having a Private Investigator that makes use of the latest, up to date electronic and surveillance equipment is crucial. We also at J and C Absolute Investigations believe in a strict confidential policy.
I am a young entreperneur female director that is a registered Private Investigator through Psira. I was the same as others struggle to get work due to lack of experience even if you have the right qualifications you dont get a chance so I tried my own thing. The business is registered I still struggle getting the rest of my qualifications to get this business registered as a security company to be able to do more. It is a running registered company for 5 years now. Thank you to the 400 clients that supported us through the 5 years.
Struggle, struggle we got the business to a stand and times we thought about giving up BUT, I was inspired through our Nations president as he said we need to create more young entrepreneurs. So I got my brother involved in business as another director as he suffered the same struggling to get work. Together we went further with the company and is still running. We thank the other companies who gave us support through services we bought through them to be able to do some services we needed. We hope to gain more contacts from other companies as well to be able to do other services as well so we can help each other grow stronger. Hopefully we will grow as big as the other companies one day. Our goal is to grow stronger so we can create more job oppertunities for other people as well. We also want to get the rest of our qualifications so we can turn this thing into a 100% security company.


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Best Infidelity consultants ever! Helped me out with all my problems and gave me the best advice on what to do about my case and helped through it all and I feel so beter after knowing the truth. Thank you For all the help.

I highly recommend cell track


I purchase software for a iPhone. J and C Absolute pty Refund me I received the payment, thank you so much. For your patience and the advices. You really are a good person. God bless you!!!

cell track helped me location my lost phone


I have known JC ABSOLUTE, via google sometime last year when i wanted private investigation services with the problem i had. Spoke to them and they were professional in explaining to me how their services work. And then i purchase a package from them, they posted it via postnet in 3 days. The next day i discovered what i was suspecting. I would seriously recommend them to anyone with such a problem. I would also like to show appreciation to their after sale. The phone that i bought had a signal issue and they didn't hesitate to change it for a brand new one, the same brand i bought from them. Excellent service and prompt response.Thanks to Mr Juan Hedin

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